Beadle is co-founder and co-owner here at Compost Nashville. After spending the past couple of years trying to figure out the best way to coexist with this fast paced world, he knew he wanted to find a way to be more in touch with the Earth and to get back to the important parts of life. For him, the most important things are food, friends, and music. Well, Tennessee is a rich place to grow all of these things and the better the quality of the ingredients you begin with, the better the results! That’s what inspired him to start learning about composting and how we can all be part of creating fertile soil with which we can grow delicious food.

Micah Puncochar

Co-Founder/Commercial Sales

Having grown up in Nashville, Micah went on to study International Business and Spanish at Tennessee Tech. While serving in the Peace Corps in Paraguay, he was assigned to help with the business practices of a Farmers Cooperative that grew and processed Yerba Mate. Working alongside those farmers he was introduced to various forms of improving the soil, and they all had their foundation in using compost to increase their production on their farms. At Compost Nashville he focuses on working with commercial clients who want to implement a composting system at their company, including food waste diversion and a full suite of compostable goods. 

Spencer Sherrill

Co-Founder/Fleet Manager

Spencer is the Fleet Manager at Compost Nashville, and was born and raised right here in Nashville. He received his Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science from Middle Tennessee State University, where he worked on competitive project proposals for solid waste treatment solutions. Before coming to Compost Nashville, he interned for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. He is passionate about renewable energy and sustainable waste management, which work seamlessly hand in hand. 

Brian Allen

Operations Manager

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Alexa Pegues

Administration and Marketing Coordinator

A low-waste advocate, Alexa came to Nashville by way of New Orleans. The eroding coastlines at home motivated her passion for sustainability and the environment; and, when she found herself in Tennessee, those interests led her to Compost Nashville. She could talk compost with you all day (and often does!). She also runs our social media, and nothing makes her day like the wonderful pictures y’all send us of your Compost Nashville bins.

Jeremy Lekich


Jeremy was born and raised in Nashville, TN. He received his bachelors of science from Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC. He focused his studies on plants and systems design. The more he learned about plants, the more he realized that soil is the foundation of plant health. The more he learned about soil, the more he understood that soil is the foundation of all health. As a soil professor said to a class once, “What does NOT come from soil?” He feels excited and inspired to be part of a company and community that helps to reduce waste and improve the soil around this great city!