We take your food scraps, turn them into soil, and give you finished compost in return.
See how easy it is to grow food and not landfills.



pounds diverted from landfill

How It Works



As part of your residential pick-up service, we provide you with a four gallon container into which you deposit your food waste and other compostable waste.



You select an easy, accessible outdoor location where your bin will be left once a week on a predetermined pickup day.



We pick up your bin and take it to the processing facility so they can make compost.  We leave you with an empty, clean bin to fill for the next week.



Twice a year you will receive complimentary compost to use for your personal garden! Don’t have a personal garden? No worries! We will donate your earned compost.

Why Compost?

Food waste just left to rot in a landfill produces methane gas, not compost. This methane gas actually plays a key role in the depletion of our ozone layer and global warming. When you compost, you reduce methane production— which lessens your environmental impact – and produces usable, natural plant fertilizer.

Claire Meneely

It's been a pleasure to work with Beadle and Compost Nashville. Before working with them we were throwing away lots of food waste, but now it is composted instead of going into the landfills. It is important to us at Dozen Bakery to limit our environmental impact and Compost Nashville helps us do that. The whole process is very easy!

Alison Lutz

When I first moved to Nashville, one of my priorities was to more intentionally live out my values of sustainability and self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, I’ve unsuccessfully tried composting in the past and knew that starting another feral cat-attracting food scrap pile in the backyard probably wouldn’t be a great way to make friends with my new neighbors (or landlord). Luckily, I saw a flyer for Compost Nashville in the window of the Post, a great coffee shop in East Nashville, and thought it sounded like the perfect compromise. They’d take my compost-ables away each week? And I didn’t have to invest in the start-up costs of worms or a tumbler? And I’d get batches of rich, delicious, local compost delivered straight to my door in spring and fall? I signed up that day, and I’m so glad I did! While I'm definitely still a novice gardener, Compost Nashville has given me an easy and rewarding way to reduce my environmental impact, to improve my gardening skills, and to live out my values. For about a dollar a day, what's not to love?


After building a few raised bed gardens at our house, we began composting with Compost Nashville. We were planning what to grow in our garden with our kids and talking about the growing process and dirt and the life cycle of it all, and it just seemed necessary that we do this garden thing while also composting. For several reasons we couldn't get a composting system up and running in our own backyard, and then we found Compost Nashville. Before then we would throw our coffee grounds underneath the bushes and the rest went to the landfill. But now we are able to compost all our waste easily and we receive finished compost for our garden twice a year! Beadle is our favorite. He's super nice, great to talk to, and my kids get really excited about the truck he pulls up in each Wednesday. The t-shirts are really cool and comfy, too.

Ben Lehman

We LOVE Compost Nashville. They were integral in helping us become a Zero Waste business. Beadle is hard working and always ready to discuss new ideas. Simply put, we couldn’t be us without our partners at Compost Nashville.