1. Getting Set-up

After signing up for service, you will receive an email with information about your pick up day and a starter package which includes:

  • 4-gallon compost bin(s)
  • Compostables list fridge magnet
  • Grow Food, Not Landfills bumper sticker

2. Reliable Pickups

On your scheduled pickup days, just place your bin(s) where the driver places it on your first day of service. We will collect your bin(s), weigh it, and replace it with a clean empty one.


3. Get Your Compost

You receive free bags of compost delivered to your doorstep on demand whenever you need using your user portal.

If you don't want the compost, we donate to local farms, community gardens, and other organizations who use it to grow food in the Middle TN area.

Ready to help make Nashville and our planet a more sustainable and beautiful place to live?

Questions about our service? Email or call/text us at (615) 398-0209