1. Getting Set-up

After signing up for service, you'll receive a starter package which includes a 4 gallon compost bin, compostables list fridge magnet, and a Grow Food, Not Landfills bumper sticker. Additional bins are available for a small fee.


2. Weekly Pickups

Once a week, on a scheduled pickup day, Compost Nashville comes by, collects your bin, weighs it, and replaces it with a clean empty one. Just make sure your bin is in an easy, accessible outdoor location and we'll do the rest!


3. Get Your Compost

Twice a year you'll receive a portion of earned compost delivered to your doorstep with the ability to purchase additional bags. If you don't want the compost, we will donate it to a local farm, community garden, or other organization in need of healthy soil.

Ready to help make Nashville and our planet a more sustainable and beautiful place to live?