Event Composting Services

Festivals, Weddings, Corporate, etc. We've got your composting needs handled

We help with all aspects of composting your event

There are so many moving pieces to events, we make sure composting is one of the easiest items to take care of. After a quick consult, we provide a proposal with the recommended number of bins, delivery, and pick-up details.

We provide back-of-house and front-of-house service and all of our bins come with helpful labeling to ensure guests and those servicing the event feel confident they know what to throw.

Complete the form below to get the process started! We request a 10-day lead time for event services.

Events Waste Tons of Food, Literally

The average event wastes 15-20% of the food it produces. That results in more than 1,000,000,000 tons of food sent to landfills each year that could have been composted and produced nutrient-dense, natural fertilizer instead.

Upon request, we can provide event diversion metrics so you know the impact you have made!

Recent Events

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Friends Of Shelby Park Pickin' Parties

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Weddings at Ozari, Henry Horton, Circle S Farms, etc.

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Nashville Scene Markets & Farmers Markets

Questions about getting started? Reach out and we're happy to help!

We can help discern how much waste may be created, how many bins you will need, delivery, pick-up dates, etc.