Are there any cheaper service options if I do not want weekly pickup and/or do not want my earned compost?
Due to the nature of the material we handle, we don’t pickup from customers any less than once a week. Food waste can get really nasty if it sits for too long and it also becomes more difficult to compost.
The earned compost portion of our service is only a tiny percentage of the service cost for pickup. The bulk of the monthly $35 fee is to pay for our trucks, drivers, overhead, and materials tipping fee. For customers who do not want their share of earned compost, this valuable material is donated to help grow local food in our community.

I don’t want to worry about monthly invoices. What are my payment options?
Set your account on Auto-Pay

When you pay your invoice, you have the option to opt-in to automate future payments. Most people choose this option so they do not have to take the time to pay an individual invoice each month! Here is a picture of what this option will look like on your invoice:

Make quarterly or bi-annual payments

Email us at and we will adjust your invoice schedule to your chosen preference. Please keep in mind our quarterly and bi-annual payment options will align with the calendar year, meaning you may be subject to an initial, pro-rated invoice before your billing preference is actualized.

Make annual payments and receive 2 months of service free!

At Compost Nashville, we greatly value your support and commitment to our service. Email us before January 1st each year, and we will send you a single invoice for your entire year’s subscription with 2 full months of service free. (Please note this option can only be put into effect at the beginning of each calendar year.)

How do I update my card information?
Open any of your previous invoices and click on the link there. Once you have opened the link in the invoice, you should see a tab labeled “Profile” on the page. Click on Profile and then click on Automatic Payments. You can change your card from there.
If you are a visual person, you can see Billing from the Client Perspective. Scroll down to section titled, “How clients update their credit card info on file”.

Where do I send my checks?
Please mail all checks to the following address:
Compost Nashville
PO Box 60912
1109 Woodland St
Nashville, TN 37206

How do I fix a failed invoice payment?
Once a payment has failed, it cannot be paid simply by updating the card information for your account. While this will facilitate all future payments, a failed payment must be corrected manually. You may re-open the invoice in question, or request that we re-send it to you, and follow the link on the page to re-attempt payment.

How do I cancel my service with Compost Nashville?
Email us to notify us of a discontinuation of our service. Please include your reason for canceling and your final pickup date, so we know when to collect your bucket.

I am moving! How do I update my address?
Email us to notify us of a change of address, including the date of the final pickup you would like to occur at your existing address. Please keep in mind your new address may fall on a different pickup day, or fall outside of our service range.

Is your question not on this list? The best way to reach us is via email at A member of our team will respond to your inquiry promptly. Please keep in mind our business hours are M-F 8 am – 5 pm.