Our Clients Say The Nicest Things



Compost Nashville has been a great addition to our 200+ employee office.  Beadle and his team turned a daunting task of finding a compost solution for a large office into a convenient, simple, and extremely viable solution for us with multiple pickups throughout the week.  Compost Nashville has also been critical in providing key education to our team on how to compost and the benefits of composting to increase their impact.



BEN LEHMAN, Co-owner – CREMA, Coffee Roasters

We LOVE Compost Nashville. They were integral in helping us become a Zero Waste business. Beadle is hard working and always ready to discuss new ideas. Simply put, we couldn’t be us without our partners at Compost Nashville.

When I first moved to Nashville, one of my priorities was to more intentionally live out my values of sustainability and self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, I’ve unsuccessfully tried composting in the past and knew that starting another feral cat-attracting food scrap pile in the backyard probably wouldn’t be a great way to make friends with my new neighbors (or landlord). Luckily, I saw a flyer for Compost Nashville in the window of the Post, a great coffee shop in East Nashville, and thought it sounded like the perfect compromise. They’d take my compost-ables away each week? And I didn’t have to invest in the start-up costs of worms or a tumbler? And I’d get batches of rich, delicious, local compost delivered straight to my door in spring and fall? I signed up that day, and I’m so glad I did! While I’m definitely still a novice gardener, Compost Nashville has given me an easy and rewarding way to reduce my environmental impact, to improve my gardening skills, and to live out my values. For about a dollar a day, what’s not to love?





It’s been a pleasure to work with Beadle and Compost Nashville. Before working with them we were throwing away lots of food waste, but now it is composted instead of going into the landfills. It is important to us at Dozen Bakery to limit our environmental impact and Compost Nashville helps us do that. The whole process is very easy!

Before using Compost Nashville, I always threw my food waste into the trash. It made me feel horrible being so wasteful, knowing it was going to a landfill to rot. When I met Beadle at the 12 South Farmer’s Market a couple years ago, I knew that I found the perfect service. Not only do I feel great knowing my food waste is going to be composted, but I’ve learned so much about what is compostable and how much waste is created everyday that should be composted. Compost Nashville is such a convenient service that gives back to the community and the earth. I highly recommend it!